It's Been A While

Published Thu 15th, Jun 2017

It's Been A While: Throughout the years there have been periodic updates to keep everyone informed about the progress of the competition as it moves forward. This year however has been a transition year as the old team begins to step down and a new team takes on the various responsibilities. Thus far everything is going relatively smoothly however we have had some bumps in the road (or perhaps turbulence in the atmosphere) that we had to deal with. One of the major situations occurred when our webmaster Ragi Sekaly passed away last year. He was the only individual with access to his web files and it took a long period of time to isolate the Webster ones, followed by a search for a new web master. It may have been noted that very little new information has been placed on the website for quite a while and that is the reason for it. Fortunately our new webmaster source is a company and therefore a number of people can now assist us if required.

French Translation Required: For years now the programme has depended upon the generosity and services of Lucia Marguglio - Managing Director of Communicatus. She has done an outstanding job of volunteering her time to completely overhaul the website, translate all the documents used and various other items requiring attention at different times. Unfortunately for Webster, Lucia is retiring and the team would like to express their sincerest appreciation for all her dedication over the years and wish her the best for her future.

Basically all of the translation of website, documents, etc. is done, however there is often a need for such items as competitor applications arriving in French or finalist bios being sent the same way requiring translation, therefore we are presently looking for anyone who may like to assume Lucia's role for the future. The workload should not be too heavy or demanding but it is a necessary one to ensure quality is available in both official languages. Please contact me if you can be of assistance.

Where are we Now? The date for the submissions of applications flight test reports and the writing of the Nav Canada exam is fast approaching. All regions have competitors participating and therefore nine finalists should be selected with the grand announcement scheduled this year for June 20th. Even though the deadline for everything is June 15th, there have often been circumstances in the past warranting a delay for a few days to relieve last minute pressure and handle any last minute concerns, thus the choice this year to hold off until the 20th. The finalists will be notified first by e-mail with a request to confirm their acceptance, followed by a notification to all the competitors and their names placed on the website. A new update should also be released at that time.

A Tale of Two Teams: As mentioned above a transition is taking place this year which is quite significant. Conrad Hatcher came on last year to train in preparation for Arlo Speer to step down as a judge. This year all three judges, Arlo Speer, Brian Shury & Kevin Psutka will be officially stepping away from their roles as Webster judges and being replaced with new ones. This year new team members, Oonagh Elliott, a recently retired CAI will be conducting the sim portion of the flight tests and Simon Garrett, formerly CFI of Rockcliffe Flying Club will take over the role of airborne examiner.

As New National Administrator: This year has been a very exciting and rewarding experience for me as your new National Administrator and regardless of the problems encountered I have had the good fortune to be able to depend on my team, both old and new. I look forward now to remain in contact with all of our current Webster supporters and sincerely appreciate you continued support of this very worthwhile endeavour.

Brenda Reid
National Administrator

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