Published Sun 1st, Jun 2014

The Webster Team is pleased to announce the 2014 finalists. Courtesy of our sponsor AIR CANADA and the support of so many other aviation organizations, the following list of finalists will gather in Kitchener-Waterloo in late August to compete against each other for the title of TOP AMATEUR PILOT IN CANADA

Regional Finalists and Flight Training Unit

Finalist                                    Region                                    Flight Training Unit

Matthew VanderPloeg             British Columbia                      Pacific Flying Club

Corey Harke                            Alberta                                     Cooking Lake Aviation Academy

Matthew Skwara                      Saskatchewan                         Regina Flying Club

Andrew Bryson                         Manitoba                                 Harv's Air

Alexander Hislop                      Western Ontario                      Sault College

Gregory Yandle                         Central Ontario                       Seneca College

Sebastien Leduc                        Eastern Ontario                      Seneca College

Ali Hoteit                                     Quebec                                  Cargair

Mark Nardei                                Atlantic                                   Moncton Flight College

Early Bird Competitor Draw

-  One HME-110 Headset donated by Sennheiser Canada:  Simon Bisson-Roberge

-   One COPA Weekender Flight bag donated by COPA: Peter Kowalchuk

-  One model of a Republic Seabee donated by WINGS Magazine: Chad Holloway

-  One year subscription to WINGS Magazine: Simon Musca

-  One Flight Safety document bag donated by Flight Safety International: Iain Allison

-  A one year subscription for the Canada Flight Supplement plus 3 VTA or VNC charts of the

   winner's choice donated by Nav Canada: Zijie Kuang

The Flight Instructor Draw is open to all flight instructors, or other persons, who have encouraged a competitor to enter.  One ticket in the draw is issued for each competitor the instructor/person has interested in entering.

Flight Instructor Draw

-  One HME-110 Headset donated by Sennheiser Canada: Nigel Koit

-  One Brightline Aviator's Flight Bag donated by the COPA: Mahdi Khdair

-  One finely-crafted model of a PBY-5 Canso donated by WINGS Magazine: Allan Cox

-  One year subscription to WINGS Magazine: Adam Penner

-  One Flight Safety document bag donated by Flight Safety International: Skip Labelle

-  One Men's or Women's Textured Soft Shell Jacket donated by Nav Canada: Kirk Palmer

2014 Webster/ Sennheiser  Scholarship Winner

Winner of 2014 Webster Sennheiser Scholarship is Moncton Flight College, Moncton, NB

The Webster/Sennheiser scholarship is donated by Sennheiser Canada annually.  It goes to the Flight Training Unit which encourages and produces the greatest number of competitors into the current competition. The provisions of the scholarship valued at $3,000 must be used for the advanced training of between one to four of the current competitors from their school. How it is awarded it is up to the school.  Last year it was also won by Moncton Flight College.   The presentation of the scholarship will be formally made at the ATAC Convention held in November in Vancouver.

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