Regional Competition

Applicants in the regional completion must:

  1. submit an application package,
  2. submit the results of a flight test, and
  3. complete an on-line examination.

The applicant with the top blended score (from the flight test and the examination) is selected as the regional winner for each of 9 regions across Canada.

The regional flight test:

Applicants have two options with respect to the regional flight test.  They can submit the report of:

  • a licensing flight test for either a Private Pilot Licence of Commercial Pilot Licence, completed before 15 June of the competition year, but after 15 June of the preceding competition year, or
  • a Webster flight test, conducted by any Pilot Examiner authorised by Transport Canada to conduct either Private or Commercial Pilot flight tests for aeroplanes.

Applicants choosing this option should consult the Webster Administrator ( for a copy of the Webster flight test report form.

Applicants must submit the report of one or the other of the flight tests described above. Multiple flight test reports will not be accepted.

For the purpose of verifying results and avoiding situations in which flight test reports may have been altered, applicants must provide written permission for the Webster Administrator to contact either the Pilot Examiner (in the case of applicants submitting a Webster Flight Test) or Transport Canada (in the case of applicants submitting a Transport Canada licensing flight test).

Unlike flight tests used to qualify applicants for a pilot licence (where all exercises bear equal weight), flight tests submitted as part of an application for the Webster Trophy will be assessed using different weight factors the flight test exercises. Scores assigned for exercises from a licensing flight test will be subject to the weighting factors used for the Webster flight test.

The regional examination:

Nav Canada has created an examination covering topics relating to pilot-controller interaction such as: airport operations, communications and airspace. The examination is administered on-line. Applicants will be notified about procedures for completing the examination.

The applicant receiving the top mark on this examination will receive the Nav Canada Trophy, whether or not this applicant becomes a regional winner.

The Regional Winner:

A regional winner is selected for each of the 9 Webster regions.  In each region, the applicant in with the top blended score from the flight test and the examination will be selected as the regional winner.

Webster Regions:

With two exceptions, Webster regions generally coincide with provincial boundaries.  The two exceptions are: 

all Atlantic Provinces are included in the Atlantic Region, and

Ontario is divided into 3 regions, Western, Central and Eastern.



British Columbia

British Columbia and the Yukon Territory


Alberta and the Northwest Territories




Manitoba and Nunavut

Western Ontario

Ontario west of (and including) 80o 00’ W

Central Ontario

Ontario between 80o 00’ W and including 78o 00’ W

Eastern Ontario

Ontario east of 78o 00’ W




New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

Applicants are assigned to a region based where they completed their flight tests.

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