National Competition

The national competition involves the 9 regional winners. The 9 finalists come together in a pre-selected location each summer. The finalists complete:

  • two flight tests (one in an aeroplane, one in a Redbird simulator),
  • a written examination, and
  • a brief interview with Webster judges.

The finalist with the highest blended score on these assessments is named the winner; the finalist with the second highest blended score is named the runner-up.

Aeroplanes to use for the Flight Test will be provided to the finalists. These aircraft will come from the fleet of the host school. When the regional finalists are identified, the National Administrator will be in contact to determine the model of aircraft desired for the flight test.

Candidates who prefer flying a different model are free to provide their own aircraft at their own effort and expense, keeping in mind that:

  • While the competition will cover the rental cost (up to the hourly rate charged by the host school for its aircraft) for the actual flight test, national finalists will be responsible for the cost of and having their aircraft to be onsite during the competition
  • applicants seeking to provide their own aircraft must advise the National Administrator well in advance to ensure the appropriateness of the aircraft for use in the competition.

The aeroplane flight test includes:

  • Precision aircraft handling
  • Approach, landing and the traffic circuit
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures
  • Radio communication
  • Operational knowledge

The simulator flight test includes:

  • Pilot navigation
  • Basic instrument flying
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures
  • Radio communication
  • Operational knowledge

The written examination includes:

  • Meteorology
  • Air Law
  • Aircraft operations
  • Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making
  • Theory of Flight
  • Aero engines and airframes
  • General pilot knowledge and airmanship

The Interview includes:

  • General Pilot Knowledge
  • Knowledge of issues facing General Aviation
  • Knowledge of issues facing professional pilots

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