Competition Aircraft

Training Aircraft

Aircraft used in either the Regional or Final competition must be meet Transport Canada’s standards for flight training (see CAR 425.23 for specifics). They must:
  • be single engine,
  • be at or below 3500 pounds takeoff weight,
  • not be of the recreational or ultra-light category,
  • have a Certificate of Airworthiness, and
  • have adequate insurance coverage








Renting an Aircraft

For both the Regional and the Final competitions, it is suggested that all competitors, unless they are supplying their own aircraft, rent from a licenced club or school. This is the least complicated procedure to follow. These aircraft are registered commercially and are insured and maintained to an acceptable standard. As such, they would present no problems to the individual flight test examiner with whom each competitor will fly.

The Webster Competition does not provide aircraft for use in any part of the competition.

Using Privately Registered Aircraft

Competitors who use privately registered aircraft will be asked to supply evidence of adequate insurance coverage and of aircraft airworthiness. This situation will likely necessitate much closer liaison with the competition organizers as well as the examining officers in order that mutual agreements can be reached before the flights are undertaken.

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