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webstertrophy.ca Newsletter #002-2017

Webster Update 002-2017

2017 Webster Trophy Competition Is Fast Approaching: Webster week which is taking place courtesy Mitchinson Flight Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from Monday, August 21st (arrival day) through to the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening, August 26th. So far everything is coming together with very few hiccups and those are being quickly addressed as they occur.

Over the past ten years the Webster programme developed into a specific process which worked well and was continually updated as it went along. It was recognized that through normal evolution changes would be recommended, accepted and worked into the competition. The team this year has altered the flight test from the standard Transport Canada Private Pilot version previously used in something better suited to the aims of the programme. There is still an airborne flight test and Redbird simulator section making up the two parts of the overall test along with the application of the Nav Canada written exam and finalist interviews applied to the total marks required. Hopefully it will once again be a week of outstanding life long memories for the 2017 finalists.

Banquet Invitations: When the competition is held in a different area other than Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, the attendance is often reduced due to the distances many of our supporter representatives would have to travel. Nevertheless a good turnout usually occurs, often made up of local people from various aviation organizations wishing to attend. Formal invitations were sent out earlier in June to our Webster supporters and by e-mail to our alumni, so hopefully everyone wishing to enjoy the Awards Banquet has been notified. Anyone still interested in attending please contact me asap as I will need to notify the caterers very shortly.

2018: Seneca College in located in Peterborough, Ontario has requested to host the competition in 2018. They have the most magnificent facility and the team is looking forward to having the competition there next August. The Seneca aviation programme is celebrating their 50th year of operation in 2018 and are anxious to have us involved as one of their events.



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